Wedding Planning Christopher Mills Style

Wedding Planning Christopher Mills Style

We are delighted to have Christopher Mills, International Party Planner at The Event Mill, guest blogging for us this month. Here he provides fascinating insight from the wonderful world of wedding planning. Christopher regularly partners with Berry Marquees and the stunning imagery in this blog showcases Christopher’s recent work with a Berry Marquees luxury marquee as the wedding venue.

Why should a couple consider using a (luxury) wedding planner?

And what are the key questions the couple should ask when they are choosing someone to help them plan the big day?

Perhaps the most important question, and the hardest to answer. Most people don’t see the true value of a wedding planner until they have been through the process of planning a wedding. The very idea of working with a planner is a luxury in itself, but this added layer of impartial guidance can be a saving grace. When asked what I can bring to the process Oscar Wilde rings in my ears, “I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best”.

For me wedding planning is an art form. We use our skills and weave layers of creativity, sophistication and meticulous attention to detail to ensure our client’s day is special and memorable. The key to successful wedding planning is to listen and advise. The difference found in a luxury wedding planner can be seen in the final aesthetic, the pushing of boundaries and the seemingly impossible made possible. There is an art to partying and it is this artistry that can be seen across each detail that creates a legacy and those moments of the extraordinary.

What do you like most about working with a marquee as the wedding venue?

I think it’s important to always start with a fresh piece of paper. There’s no such thing as a blank canvas as even canvases have a simple layer of appliqué and a foundation to build from. This is the way I look at marquee structures. I love the advantage of the alternative. The fact that when working with marquee structures you have control in regards to size, scale, visual aesthetic, internal finish, height (I love a double-height marquee) and the opportunity to install a beautiful extension to a lawn or stately home.

There is a big difference between the quality of marquees available and knowing what looks good comes with experience. Always remember that each technician has a specialism and experience that is important to use. I love that I can completely customise the structure to suit my own vision and to add further layers of originality in ways that permanent venues sometime lack.

Wedding Planning Christopher Mills Style

Photography: ©TheEventsMill and ©JohnNassari

What do you look for in the suppliers that you partner with?

I have the pleasure of working with a whole range of different suppliers – it is one thing I love about my job. A successful relationship lies in communication and integrity. I take immense pride in the quality of my work and work towards perfection, offering my client’s a seamless and professional experience, with the view to surpassing their expectations. My suppliers and I have a respect for quality and a love for beautiful things. It is important for my work to be finished to an impeccable standard and for each supplier to bring their very best to help me achieve this.

How do you approach design?

I like to think that my designs are beautiful and intelligent. Authenticity is key and each idea is born through a curious disposition and the experience of bringing these ideas to life. I am a specialist when it comes to multi-sensory, immersive experiences and I think this comes from my love of theatre. I want people to walk into a room and feel like they’ve been transported into a different world and to revel in the sheer joy of the experience. Successful design is an entirely personal objective but one thing that is consistently seen in good design is quality and believability – you want people to be curious, to ask how I did it, but to be left wondering that I could make it happen.

What are the exciting key themes this year?

Themes throughout 2018 have been an extension to what we saw in 2017, but perhaps with some added boldness and confidence. There is a specific trend toward personalisation and bringing the home into the big day. A celebration of cherished memories and the influence of one’s own heritage is seen through more couples matching wedding decor to decor seen throughout their home, but produced at scale. I am also seeing a celebration of colour and a move away from one set palette. For example, 2017 was all about dusky pinks but 2018 is more focused towards Millennial pinks where we are seeing different hues of the same colour woven throughout the theme, rather than one shade. I am also seeing a big increase in people bringing their pets to the celebration – a trend that I am yet to fully appreciate!

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Next time Christopher shares his top tips for creating the ‘wow’ factor, and gives his professional perspective on Meghan and Harry’s big day.

More about Christopher Mills

Christopher believes that design should be curious, intelligent, beautiful and sophisticated, which is why he made it his mission to create no ordinary luxury wedding and party planning company. The Events Mill, based in London changes perceptions and challenges expectations, it creates immersive experiences with spectacular flourishes throughout the world, led by Christopher and supported by a whole team of talented professionals.

All images in this blog are used with permission from ©TheEventsMill and ©JohnNassari

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