Commercial Marquee Hire

Berry Marquees has a wide range of solutions for temporary buildings whether it’s for production, maintenance, industrial storage or manufacturing, our temporary buildings can suit your requirements. Berry Marquees industrial marquee range is the ultimate in flexibility enabling you to expand your business to adapt to changing work volumes. With spans ranging from 5m to 30m’s, up to 8m in eave height and a length that suits your needs, Berry Marquees temporary buildings are suitable for any industrial application within weeks.

Berry’s long and successful working relationship with BBC and other film and TV production units has ensured a wealth of knowledge when developing the ideal solution, whilst maintaining best working practices. Location film work, production workshops, studio extensions, audience housing etc is a speciality of the team.

Requirements for thermally insulated structures, solid glass sides or custom made doors for example can all be accessed from stock at notice and are fully compliant with the most stringent health & safety requirements, with all temporary buildings approved to BS standards and roofs manufactured from durable flame retardant material.

If for some reason your normal working arrangement fails, a Berry Marquees temporary building can provide a cost efficient and rapid solution. In some instances a bespoke structure can even be built around or over your equipment. Fir example in the case of motor vehicles, rail or light aircraft, structures can be adapted around them to provide cover during maintenance and roller shutters can be installed at either end to provide in and out access for service bays.

During peak periods such as Christmas your incoming orders may exceed your current capacity and often an temporary weather proof structure is required to enable continuity of production or manufacturing. Berry Marquees temporary industrial production and manufacturing facilities are ideal to extend your operations.

Similarly extra space may be required for additional storage for goods. By creating designated entry and exit routes at opposite ends of your temporary building, Berry Marquees can provide a natural production line. The temporary building can either be built around or over existing plant and production machinery or can be installed completely a fresh on a vacant area of your site.

Commercial marquees may be used for;

  • TV & Film – Location work, storage, workshops
  • Retailers – Extra storage space at Christmas or other sales peak periods
  • Insurance – Temporary space while a burnt building etc is rebuilt/repaired
  • Logistics
  • Industrial
  • Showroom
  • Public Sector
  • Events and Recreation
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • 5.00 m to 30.00 m Clear Span Width
  • From 3.40 m to 8 m Eave Height
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