Planning a Marquee Party

5 Things to Consider when planning a Marquee Party

We’re often asked what you need to have a successful marquee party. Well, first let’s consider why you would choose a marquee over a venue.

The obvious reason is flexibility. You can really make it yours and personalise it however you want – the only limitation is your imagination. You choose (and the choices are endless); large open space or convivial areas; traditional or modern; monochrome or colourful; light and airy or atmospheric; dance areas, bar areas, chill out areas; open sides to take in views or closed with heating and your own backdrops. Whatever you choose, you will be able to mould to your personality or corporate style.

If this sounds daunting, don’t worry, we will carefully guide you through your options and deliver that extra 10%

So, let’s look at 5 essential things you need to think about for a marquee party:

1. Decide on how many people

It’s an obvious one, but often difficult to do. We advise to work backwards and think about what is most important to you in terms of venue, catering requirements and entertainment

2. Decide on the site

This doesn’t have to be a huge area and it could be a space that adjoins a property. For example, we have attached many a marquee to a house or to a company.If you do this, you need to think about the combined space inside and out. More about that later

It could be a field in the middle of nowhere.That’s all possible, we would just need to factor in services for lighting, food prep and toilets.

It could be a venue that welcomes marquee parties. We are preferred suppliers for several incredible venues including Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, Cliveden House and Regent’s University.

3. Decide on sit down or stand up food

Deciding on the style will determine how much space you need. If you are tight on space, you may need to get a little creative – you will be surprised what can be achieved out of the tightest or unusual spaces.

Continual canapes or bowl food can reduce the need for seated dining space. If seated dining is a must then the dancefloor could have a couple of tables on it, these could then be moved after the meal. In our experience caterers are often more than happy to perform this task or we can allow for one of our team to assist.

4. Decide on the style of entertainment

It is important to think about the types of space you might need. A band is a great way to add energy and excitement to the party, but you may have guests who need a little escape.

5. Decide on the overall effect

We’ve all been to marquee parties where everything seems so much better than other parties, but you can’t put your finger on why. Attention to detail is the key. It includes things such as the style of floor that can be built on any surface to level out the ground, the style of window – you can choose between real glass or pvc, the entrance, the walkway, places to shelter from the sun as well as the rain as we can use light blocking materials to reduce the temperature inside the marquee or clear roofs if you’d prefer – all aspects that we can advise on help with.

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