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Wherever your location, however large your space, however many guests you invite, whatever the time of year, we want your party to be even more brilliant than you imagine it could be.

To us, every event is unique, and extremely personal to you. We make it our job to work with you to create a setting that will let you shine. And though we are often faced with obstacles that need to be overcome, we have a proven track record of performing miracles in many ‘awkward situations’, from heating marquees in sub-zero temperatures to dealing with narrow city gardens that are spread over multiple levels.
Our experience with large scale and corporate events stands us in good stead, enabling us to bring innovative solutions to more intimate occasions. Intelligent spatial planning and the clever use of materials and lighting can be combined to create the perfect environment for your special affair. In addition, we can offer advice on caterers, party planners, musicians and DJs, so that the minute your guests walk through the door, we promise they’ll be in the mood!